Year 4

Football is the worlds most popular sport, an invasion game in which two teams play against each other aiming to kick a football in to their opponents goal. Score more than you concede and you win the game. Work as a team to pass and move around the pitch when you have the ball, aiming to progress towards your opponents goal so you can shoot. Without the ball work hard to defend as a team, tackle opponents and deny space ultimately aiming to stop them scoring.

Football Lessons

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Passing - Week 1

Dribbling / Turning - Week 2

Shooting - Week 3

Tactics - Week 4

Assessment - Week 5

Game Understanding - Week 6

Passing – Week 1

In the lesson the pupils will Demonstrate choosing and making the best pass in a game situation, Link a range of skills together fluently (pass and move)  & Demonstrate a range of ball control techniques 

Dribbling/Turning – Week 2

In the lesson pupil’s will Show confidence in using ball skills in a variety of ways in a game situation, Use ball skills in different ways and successfully link them together & Dribble and turn at a variety of speeds.

Shooting – Week 3

In the lesson pupils will Use good hand-eye coordination to be able to direct a ball when shooting, Strike a ball with more power and accuracy & Show confidence in striking a ball.

Tactics – Week 4

In the lesson pupils will Demonstrate following and creating complicated rules to successfully play, Demonstrate communicating plans to others during a game situation & Lead others in a game situation.

Assessment – Week 5

In the lesson pupils will Assess the ability to pass in football, Assess the ability to travel with the ball in football, Assess the ability to strike a football & Assess understanding of tactics and rules.

Game Understanding – Week  6

In the lesson pupils will Pupils can thoroughly evaluate their own and others work suggesting improvements, Perform and apply a variety of skills and techniques confidently with precision & Take part in competitive games with a strong understanding of tactics & composition.